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NSK develops low noise thrust roller bearings to promote ele
NSK developed a low noise thrust needle roller bearing to meet the needs of automotive electrification.
Using electric motors in electric vehicles (EV) and plug-in hybrid vehicles (PHV), this new low noise technology and design can help create a more comfortable driving experience.
NSK's goal is to have a sales target of 1.5 billion yen by 2021.
Development background
Consumers and regulators around the world are now focused on more environmental protection of electric cars and plug-in hybrid electric vehicle, and the rapid development of the cars is changing the face of the auto industry.
Electric motors are quieter than internal combustion engines, so the noise that was previously obscured by the noise from the engine is becoming apparent.
In order to solve this problem, NSK has taken on the challenge of reducing the noise generated by rolling needle bearings, which are used in automobile gearboxes and various other applications.
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