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The new SKF grease can reduce damage by half.
The innovative anti-vibration corrosion resistance of the hub bearing unit from SKF can significantly reduce the friction and wear and improve the bearing performance.
SKF has introduced a new type of grease that has been shown to reduce the damage caused by the vibration of the hub bearing unit, which is more than 50 per cent less than compared with other competitors.
The lubricant has been introduced into the market to help overcome this wear and tear, as well as to improve the efficiency of transportation by limiting the minor damage caused by fretting corrosion and vibration.
Applies to new design and transformation, the grease and bearing component material is fully compatible with, and as a lubricant, the best performance in the test with other standard grease, can reduce the vibration due to corrosion of micro damage.
In particular, the solution showed that the grease can offset in the process of transportation vehicles, for example by rail or truck often occur in the process of micro damage, make the sturdiness of bearing continuous improvement.
In addition, the grease retains the performance level of the hub bearing unit, including the service life.