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Storage conditions of SKF cross roller bearings.
SKF cross roller bearing is a kind of precision bearing with special structure.
It also needs to be particularly careful in its storage.
The precision and quality of the cross roller bearing can be maintained only in the proper environment.
1. cross roller bearing should be stored in clean, dry environment, in the handling and storage control temperature, humidity, temperature and humidity to fixed in an acceptable range, should leave the ground more than 30 cm.
2. Some bearings have a certain shelf life.
For example, dust cover and bearing oil seal, when stored for a period of time, bearing will be a new start torque of bearing, at the same time, due to long time storage after the lubrication performance of the grease will be destroyed, so the bearing should be regularly check table maintenance.
3. to ensure the bearing can be normal, reliable operation, it is necessary to impose enough lubrication, in order to prevent the rolling element and raceway and there is a direct metal contact between cage, causing wear and bearing surface corrosion.
Therefore, it is very important to choose the appropriate lubricant and lubrication method in various applications, and also need correct maintenance.
4. The actual choice of lubricants is mainly based on the operating condition, namely: temperature range and speed, and the influence of surrounding environment.
If reliable lubrication can be ensured, the lubricants used in the bearing are the lowest, and the operating temperature is the lowest, but other functions, such as sealing or cooling, should be increased.
Therefore, when installing the bearing, fill the remaining space of the bearing with the filling of the grease and control the remaining space of the bearing box by 1/3 to 1/2, which can produce high temperature.
Because of the high rigidity of low speed, the YRT turntable bearing can be used as a lubricant with grease, and it can be used for 1~2 years at a time, which has the characteristics of convenient maintenance.