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How to distinguish SKF bearing quality?
1 see material pledge
For the use of bearing steel, SKF bearings   in Sweden are produced by their own professional steel mills, which are higher in hardness and precision than fake SKF bearings.
2 the tag
In order to set up the enterprise brand image, to prevent the product was fake, SKF bearing manufacturer with a laser marking machine, hope to set up the enterprise image, in line with international standards, at the same time, with high input to control the product was fake, however, due to the laser marking machine using computer control, mark font, size, etc. Edit the advantages of convenient, not only can effectively prevent counterfeiting, adds difficulty to the counterfeiters.
3 observation
The rolling bearing is observed with the naked eye, and the inner and outer raceway should not be flaked and seriously worn, and it is in a circular groove.
All rolling surfaces shall have no spots, cracks and peeling phenomena;
The holder shall be not loose, undamaged or worn, but not as large as the rolling body.
4 touch
The clearance between inner and outer seat of normal bearing and rolling body is 0.005 ~ 0.010mm.
For rolling bearings that have been used in one stage, there should be no noticeable open and sound when holding the inner seat ring with the fingers.
5 the rotation method
Use one hand to hold the inner seat of the bearing, the other hand to rotate the outer seat, the bearing should be able to rotate flexibly, and should not feel the radial movement.
6 the price
If the price is much lower than the normal price, it may be false. After all, it is expensive to import the goods after all.
The above five empirical methods should be combined to make the correct judgment on the technical status of SKF bearing.
For tapered roller bearings, it is also necessary to observe whether the rolling body is located in the middle of the outer seat ring. If there is a forward movement, it should not exceed 1.5mm.
Distinguish from color and precision.
It can also be distinguished from color and precision.
It can also refer to other imported bearing brands, IKO bearing, German FAG bearing, American TIMKEN bearing, Japan NSK bearing, KOYO bearing, etc.