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SKF spindle bearing.
SKF spindle bearing   is applied to the machining center spindle bearings, with Germany, Italy, Japan and North America in the design and production facilities, SKF has become a global supplier can provide a full range of main shaft bearing.
SKF's knowledge of bearings, sensors and electronics is the basis for precision machining and process flow, and helps SKF develop special SKF spindle bearing units with customers.
SKF machining center spindle.
The main shaft of machining center is designed for milling, opening and drilling.
High stiffness, precision and low working temperature are important for the operation of these applications.
SKF provides an electrical spindle with a speed of up to 30000r/min, as well as the driving spindle of the transmission belt in the machining center.
SKF high speed milling machine spindle bearing.
SKF high speed milling machine spindle is used for high cutting rate and good surface polishing.
It is also widely used in the application of cutting advanced geometry switch with high balance and good thermal stability.
SKF is equipped with advanced technology, sensor system and automatic clamping and cooling of the shaft, which can speed up to 60000r/min.
SKF lathe spindle bearing.
SKF lathe spindle is designed for high cutting force, while improving the productivity, it also guarantees the operation precision and surface quality.
The main shaft of thermal stability is strong, and its design can save space.
The motor spindle provided by SKF can reach up to 10000r/min, while the driving spindle has the highest speed of 16000r/min.
SKF grinder spindle bearing.
Like the spindle in the SKF bearing factory, the grinder spindle is designed for high speed and high precision applications.
The main shaft design of the standard supply range is simple and firm.
The speed range is between 10000 and 180000r/min.
In addition to the standard SKF products, SKF also produces a series of spindle solutions to assist in the automatic replacement of tools and coolant applications.